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MMO Legal Services, LLC is committed to representing each client efficiently and to always move their matter towards their ultimate goal. The Firm’s promise is to deliver powerful, yet specifically tailored legal services to our clients. Even though we are a forward-thinking firm, creating novel ways to present our clients’ position, we do not forget or take for granted past patterns and practices which generated successful outcomes for our clients. With this balanced approach, we believe our goal will be met.

Defending all Certificate Holders




FAA Designees

Flight Attendents

Repair Stations

Flight Instructors

Ground Instructors

Remote (Drone) Pilots


Aviator Defense

Aeromedical Legal Advice
Airman Licensing 
Drug and Alcohol Testing Issues
DUI/DWI/OUI Reporting Requirements
Medical Certification 
FAA Enforcement Actions
Letters of Investigation
Notice of Proposed Certificate Action
Notice/Proposed Civil Penalties
TFR Violations
Altitude Busts
Out of Communication with ATC
Clearance Deviations
DOT Enforcement Actions
Hazardous Materials Carriage Issues
Unmanned Aerial System Violations

For Attorneys

Conflict Counsel
Expert Witness Services


Contract Negotiation 
Contract Review
Contract Drafting
Sales & Use Tax Planning
Purchase, Sale & Lease
Import and Export Issues
Establish Owner Entities 
Owner Trusts 
Voting Trusts
Non-Citizen "N" Registration
Aviation Financing 
Loan Securitization
Aircraft Liens 
Title Encumbrances
Aircraft Registration
Partnership Agreements
Co-Ownership Agreements
UAS (Drones) Issues

Commercial Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Aircraft Warranty Matters
Payment Obligation Disputes
Breach of Lease Agreements
Aircraft Return Condition Disputes
Breach of Loan and Finance Agreements
Breach of Sale and Purchase Agreements
Mediation of Partner Disputes

Aviation Businesses

FBO Issues
Part 135 Certificates
Charter Management Agreements
Card Programs
Part 145 Repair Stations
Part 141 Schools

Mmo Legal Services, LLC is a law practice providing legal services exclusively to the aviation community. Mr. Morgenstein's goal is to represent aviation clients through a responsive, candid, and realistic approach to their legal needs while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. 




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