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Aviation Attorney

MMO Legal Services, LLC is a distinguished South Florida law firm dedicated to providing unparalleled legal services related to aviation matters. The Firm's hallmarks are paying meticulous attention to detail, unwavering commitment to protecting client interests, delivering strategic legal analysis from a practical perspective.

Attorney Charlie Morgenstein is committed to setting the benchmark in the aviation legal industry by offering uniquely tailored solutions that meets his clients’ objectives, and by delivering value to his clients in terms of quality, reliability, and support. This is the “value-added” professional service that we strive to provide our clients with every day.


As a board certified aviation attorney, Charlie has the depth and breadth of legal skills and experience to provide practical legal advice and sound guidance on a wide variety of aviation legal matters. He has continued to achieve extraordinary results while maintaining his original vision of the firm – focus on solving clients' most complicated  and important problems. Charlie's commitment to quality, reliability, and support, and his dedication to success has enabled him to effectively represent his clients in complex and critical matters.

MMO Legal Services, LLC is a distinguished South Florida law firm providing legal services related to aviation matters.

Mr. Morgenstein has earned a reputation for providing out- standing, value-filled legal services with personal attention.

Charlie is one of only 37 lawyers in the State of Florida who is a Board Certified Specialist & Expert in aviation law.

Charlie Morgenstein is your legal wingman for a wide range of important aviation related matters, both domestic and international. These include:

Mmo Legal Services, LLC provides legal services exclusively to the aviation community. Contact us today at (561) 953-5025 to discuss your legal matter with an experienced and knowledgeable Aviation Lawyer.

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